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  • Kids
    Prevention - Pediatric Orthodontics - Caries - Trauma and Dental Fissures - Conscious sedation
  • Adolescents
    Teeth whitening - Invisible Orthodontics - Orthodontics - Odontophobia - Labial Herpes - Wisdom Teeth
  • Adults
    Implants - Teeth whitening - Invisible Orthodontics - Smile Design - Dental Aesthetics - Prosthesis - Conscious Sedation - Odontophobia - Laser
  • Seniors
    Implants - Fixed Prostheses - Temporary Prothesis - Smile Design - Invisible Orthodontics - Conscious Sedation

Lumineers veneers:
Nº 1 in high-end aesthetics

The Luz Aguiló doctor has been named the Number 1 Officer for aesthetic treatments with Lumineers veneers in Spain.

Pediatric Dentistry since 1981

We are specialists in Pediatric Dentistry and Children Orthodontics.

To watch Pediatric Dentistry and Children Orthodontics videos, you can check our Youtube channel right here.

Children Orthodontics

The results of the Orthodontics are faster and more effective during the childhood because during the development stage it's easier to fix the bone defects and dental wrong positioning, to have a perfect smile on the adult phase.

Specialists in invisible Orthodontics for children and adults - Invisalign

We are specialists in Invisible and Transparent Orthodontics for adults: Invisalign. Comfortable, removable, transparent and personalized. Get ready to smile, we do all kinds of orthodontic treatments, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile...

Halitosis new unit at IDENTIS

The consultation aims to treat patients with halitosis or bad breath.

Our new unit is directed by the director both of the Breath Institute and the Teknon Hospital Unit of Halitosis in  (Barcelona), Dr. Jonas Nunes, world expert with more than 9000 patients treated from more than 90 countries to date.

Lumineers veneers Pre-placement trial

Smile design treatment and aesthetics with Doctor Luz Aguiló.

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Dr. Jose Luis Gandía is Platinum Provider of Invisalign in Spain. His more than 500 successfully treated cases support it.

Orthodontics with microscope:
High precision treatments

The use of a microscope during the dental high precision treatments is one of the most important developments done in modern orthodontics.

Conscious Sedation and Painless Treatments

Science has progressed, in Identis we do alternative treatments with laser and  sedation.
Sedations helps our patients to get relaxed to avoid tensions and nerves during treatment.

Frequent Problems

Do not forget to visit periodically this section that deals about how to deal with interesting topics of our environment such as:

What is the use of smiling?

When we smile we secrete more adrenaline, increasing our creativity and imagination. When we laugh, the brain orders our body to create endorphins, natural brain sedatives similar to morphine, which work as an analgesic. Smile helps to immunize against depression and anxiety. When we laugh we de sport. Each laugh makes at least 400 different muscles get started, some of them located in the stomach, which can only be exercised through smiling. Smile works as a massage: the vertebrae and cervicals usually accumulate tensions, they get relaxed when we laugh. It cleans us: When we laugh our eyes get lubricated and cleaned with tears. Laughing out loud makes the head vibrate what clears our nose and ears. It provides us with oxygen: When we laugh we inhale more oxygen than normal, what help us to have a more oxygenated skin, that's why the myth that laughing gives your face wrinkles is completly false, on the contrary, it helps it get toned. Laugh brings us happiness: in addition to helps us produce more endorphins, it also make us produce enkephalins, both of them neurotransmitters whose function is to fight pain.

Smile and you'll have a healthier life!


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